September 17 2017

2017 Race Results!

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TEN TIPS FOR THE YOUNG RUNNER (and their parents):

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before your race - or bring a water bottle to sip from, especially if it’s warm.
  2. Know the course. Take a few minutes to find out where the Start and Finish lines are. Watch a race to see where the course goes. During the race, you’ll probably just follow other kids (unless you’re winning?).
  3. Warm up. Jog slowly for a few minutes 10 minutes before your race starts. This helps to circulate your blood and get you ready to run fast.
  4. Don’t start as fast as you can. It’s a long race, so save some energy for the middle and end.
  5. Stay on your feet. The ground is lumpy in places. Occasionally, people trip and fall. If you do fall, try to get up and start running again. If you’re too hurt to run, call for an adult or a volunteer for assistance.
  6. Don’t push! In cross country running, pushing is a form of cheating. If someone is in your way, go around them, not over them. 
  7. Pay attention. Most races are more than one loop. Know how many loops you’re supposed to run and keep track of which loop you’re on. You don’t want to run an extra loop (or one too few)!
  8. Finish fast. The course has a slightly downhill finish. Use that energy you saved to finish like a race car.
  9. Cool down. You ran hard. Now jog slowly or walk for a couple of minutes instead of just coming to a complete stop.
  10. Rehydrate and refuel. Have something to drink and a healthy snack. You used a lot of fuel so replenish your tank.

Parents, we know you want to watch your kid(s) so we designed a course that makes that easy (i.e. without YOU having to run around, too!). We recommend the area around the Start/Finish lines and the old hotel. You’re welcome to cheer from anywhere, but please do not cross the barrier tape which marks the course.