September 17 2017

2017 Race Results!

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Registration and Payment Options

Online pre-registration is now closed.  In-person registrations on the day of the event are still welcome. Please arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the start time of the race in which your child will compete to allow time to park, register, pay, and pick up your child's number.


All runners must wear a bib number attached to the front of their shirt with safety pins. When you arrive at the event, please go to the Registration Table to pick up your child’s bib number. Do not remove the tag. The tag will be removed by a race official after your child crosses the finish line.  A parent’s signature is required for each participant. Waivers are available when you pick up your child’s bib number or bring one with you here.


Payment Info

Entries are $20 per person if made when you pick up your bib number on race day. We accept cash, check, or major credit cards.


Please arrive approximately 30 minutes before your child’s race to park, pay, pick up your child’s number and affix it to his/her shirt. Your child may also want to jog around a bit to warm up. 


Also, be sure to review our Runner Tips with your kids.